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I recently finished Google’s Technical Support Certification.

Looking for a certification and course as a college student of information technology is one of my important milestones for spending my college life because having a lot of certifications will help you a lot in for looking a job because a company will see your resume and your experience. In the place where I live if you don’t have at least a year’s experience or maybe you don’t have any certification, it will be so hard for you to look for a job in the future.


In this article, I’ll tell you about how I discovered a free course and certification in professional IT support offered by Coursera and sponsored by Google. Google is a large tech firm that is part of F.A.N.G (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google), and getting their certification will be a huge step forward for my future as an information technology college student.


If you have a credit/debit card and want to join this course, Coursera will provide it to you for free in 7 days. The estimated time of this course is 6 months, but the quickest approach is to skip the video and some study material, this suggestion will be good if you are a final semester student because you have basic from college, but if you are a hard learner, you can download the study material.

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